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Therapeutic Recreation

Exploring your community one adventure at a time.

My Life, My Way.™

"At Southside Services we help adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities pursue dreams and goals. Every year, nearly 300 individuals -- ages 16 and up -- become increasingly engaged members of the community. We help them take the next steps to jobs, improve independent living skills, and pursue education."
Josh Munsch,
Executive Director

Bringing people together

At Southside Services, we find a way to help each client with the assistance they want and need. Our motto is, ‘My Life, My Way.™’ For some, this means learning a bus route in order to travel independently to and from work. For another, it means coaching to talk to a landlord about a problem. For nearly all of the individuals we serve, living ‘My Life, My Way™’ means having friends. Attending sports events, art classes, book clubs, and bocce ball leagues – all bring people together to have fun.

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Most importantly, friendships

Before they join Southside Services, many of our clients report their biggest challenge is loneliness. Perhaps most importantly, engagement with Southside Services changes this. As Ramona told us, “I like to be around good people. Without Southside Services, I wouldn’t have friends.”

Southside Services

Opening Doors for People with Disabilities

Enhancing the capacity of adults and youth with cognitive and developmental disabilities to become increasingly active, contributing members of their community.